Food & Drink

Tequila in Mexico City

Probably the best known and most appreciated Mexican drink of all time is tequila and its reputation has circled the Globe, with people savoring the strong alcoholic beverage everywhere.

Mezcal in the Capital of Mexico City

Another popular beverage in Mexico is Mezcal. It is made from a form of agave named the maguey plant, which is native to Mexico.

Mexico – The City of the “One Thousand and One Tacos”

When traveling or living in Mexico City, most people do not have the luxury to visit exclusive restaurants each day, so one of the best options is a good taco.

Visit Mexico City and get the “Whole Enchilada”

Similar to tacos, but less famous in the whole world, enchiladas are traditional Mexican foods that take on various forms, usually a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered in chili sauce.

Centro Comercial Plaza Delta

As one of the biggest cities in the world, with millions of inhabitants and also plenty of visitors, Mexico City is also a busy commercial destination, with countless shopping centers and malls available for everyone.